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About NRYL

North Rockland Boys Youth Lacrosse is a local organization based in the North Rockland area providing boys grades Kindergarten through 8th grade an opportunity to play organized lacrosse. Players are taught the basic skills of lacrosse at a young age by highly qualified and motivated volunteer coaches. The organization is lead by former NR player and active coach Kenny Rose. 

The K - 2nd grade team are taught the basics and play a limited amount of games against some neighboring organizations. 

The 3rd/4th grade team, is where players begin to not only continue to work on the basics of lacrosse but now team play is worked on more. 

The 5th/6th grade team begin to work on more advanced skills and game play. Some more of the physical aspects are introduced and utilized along with players moving towards specialties such as shooting, defensive play with long poles and goaltending. 

The 7th/8th grade team is an opportunity for the new players to start lacrosse and develop the required skills. There are numerous examples of kids picking up the game at this age and excelling at it for many years. They will play alongside players with several years of experience. The main focus however for this group is to maximize the player's level of play and start to have players specialize in positions that will give them the greatest success. The goal for this group is to prepare boys for high school lacrosse through organized and high level of practice and competition. Alongside our modified team, it also allows our players to play more lacrosse.

All players play organized games against neighboring teams along with some tournaments including hosting the Annual Red Raider Invitational in June at the NR LAX fields. 

Players are members of US Lacrosse and are expected to abide by the rules and regulations required by the US Lacrosse organization and its sportsmanship rules towards the game of lacrosse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does practice start? A: Practices will start about March 1st. The weather will play a role in when we can get on the fields. The K-2 team will likely not start practices until April.

Q: Where do practices take place? A: Practices typically take place at Farley Upper Elementary, or North Rockland High School.

Q: How often is practice? A: Practices are often held on weeknights and on the weekend. The boys typically practice 2-3 times per week for 1-1.5 hours dependent upon age and level.

Q: When are games? A: The game schedule will not be out until mid-March, but games may be played on weeknights and weekends. Games are played at North Rockland High School, as well as other locations around the county.

Q: How are teams determined? A: Teams are divided into age groups. We have a K-2 team, which is fashioned in a clinic style approach. The boys will participate in a few scrimmages later in the season. We have a 3-4 team, a 5-6, and a 7-8 team. It is possible that we may have more than one team at the 5-6 level. Please be sure that when you are registering, you register your son for the appropriate team based upon his current grade.

Q: Can my child play lacrosse and baseball (or soccer, etc.)? A: Yes. However, playing two sports during the same season is difficult and reduces practice time in both sports. Please consider the practice and game schedules between the two sports. The players and teams development is dependent on attendance at practices and games. The players demonstrating the most commitment to the team may see more playing time because of this.

Q: Why does my son need a US Lacrosse Number? A: During registration, players will automatically be required to provide a US Lacrosse number that would be valid throughout the length of the Spring Season. US Lacrosse is a national organization that strives to provide programs and services to inspire lacrosse participation, while protecting the integrity of the game. More importantly, through the fee paid to US Lacrosse, $30 annually, US Lacrosse members receive Accident and Liability insurance coverage. All boys playing youth lacrosse must be members of the program. Membership is paid directly to US Lacrosse and is non-refundable. Members of US Lacrosse also receive lacrosse magazine publications, as well as many other great offers throughout the year. More information about membership with US Lacrosse can be found at

Q: What equipment does my son need? A: You will need a stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, mouthpiece, cleats, and protective cup. All boys will need to have full equipment to participate in practice and games.

Q: Where do I get equipment? A: Equipment can be purchased online, or in retail stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, or Universal Lacrosse in Suffern.

Q. How can I learn more about lacrosse? A: Please visit to learn more about this exciting sport.

Q. What is the refund policy? A. Any cancellation requests received prior to March 1st, will receive a refund of the paid registration less a $25 cancellation fee per each cancelled registration.

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