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Player and Parent Commitment

Player Communication

In order to encourage players to develop as young men, players should communicate directly with their coaches first, and by the 5th grade level this is a requirement. This includes concerns or questions regarding playing time, positions, team placement and suggestions for improvement/feedback..

If parents have issues with a coach, they should discuss those with the boys youth director, after observing a 24 hour waiting period. Or if the player has discussed the issue with the coach and the coach's response does not resolve the issue, contact the youth director.

In Season Commitment

 The North Rockland Youth Lacrosse (NRYL)  Commitment Policy for  players is to ensure that all  players receive a positive experience playing youth lacrosse. This is achieved by making a commitment to make NRYL your primary athletic activity during the spring season and by establishing strict guidelines for participating on youth lacrosse teams.

ALL youth team players must attend all  games and practices. We expect that if you play on a travel team you will make every effort to attend all practices and games in their entirety.  This policy extends to players and COACHES alike and the commitment is up through the final weekend of play.

It is our expectation that any player, who participates in youth lacrosse, makes lacrosse their primary sport for the spring. Any youth team player who routinely fails to attend games or practices because of other commitments will lose playing time on their youth team. These decisions will be at the discretion of the coaches.

ALL youth players MUST notify coaches ahead of time by email if they need to miss a practice or game.

Out of Season Player Commitment    

North Rockland Youth Lacrosse strongly supports multi-sport athletes, and encourages lacrosse players to participate in other sports out of season.

At the same time we expect that players who strive for the top travel teams are continuing to work on their skills out of season.   It is unrealistic to believe a player can remain competitive at the travel level without continued focus and development on the skills needed to play lacrosse.    

Players who only pick up their stick Feb-June will quickly fall behind the more committed players. There are ample opportunities to continue playing and practicing, we hope you can make it a priority even out of season. There are many ways to improve out of season; playing catch in the backyard, attending NRYL sponsored clinics or other clinics and camps.

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